Monday, April 1, 2013

Pineapple Shawl

Getting some crochet'n done on Thanksgiving day. 

Goodie Square Poncho for DD

Seems I've got my days and nights all meshed up and am having trouble sleeping. I've been working on a few cowls and finishing them off with crochet edgings. Eden decided that it was time for me to make something to replace a few crocheted and knitted items that she has outgrown. My grandmonsters call me "Goodie" so I took the liberty of renaming the staple grannie square to ummm... to the Goodie square.

Such a Pretty Face...

Phases... kids go through phases... I suppose we all go through phases no matter what our age is. It seems like every time I try to take a photo lately, all I get are goofy faces. So... I will treasure these special photos and use them as blackmail when the grandmonsters start to date... giggle... SNORT!

 I finished this poncho around 4:40 AM this morning. I had intended on adding it to my "To Sell" stash, but Eden claimed it before I could get it off the crochet hook.
Xander is so going to pay for this one!
Eden was not thrilled with this pic... she said, "O Goodie my hair is messed up and I can't find my smile."

$ Store Cheat Hat for Eden

The cold wet weather has brought a visitor to my house... a MOUSE!! I have not seen the actual mouse, but I have seen where the snarly little fella has been... IN MY PANTRY UGGGG!!! So I went to the local $ General store and purchased some traps that spin shut once the little intruder makes his way inside to dine on the delicious peanut butter bait that is placed inside. I sorta feel a twinge of guilt that the lil bugger's last meal is really not going to be said peanut butter because the bait cannot actually be reached once Snarly has entered the contraption.
Anywho, while I was there I saw some $1 hats and just couldn't pass them up.... Umhmmm I am an impulse buyer that $ Stores really love. I have never left with only what I went in to purchase initially. AND, I could not have made the hat for $1... soooo, I decided to see if I could do something with the hat to... ya know... do it up...

d-CON No View, No Touch Mouse Trap

Great Grannie

It has been chilly and damp and I needed to bust some leftover stash yarns.... and do some thinking...
UPDATE: Great Grannie now has a home with my new son-in-law Aaron.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This has be a very trying time for me... for our family. My beloved Billy died on January 6th and I have been living in a fog. I didn't realize that during this time many of my photos have completely disappeared from this blog and I will do my best to replace or repair posts asap.